2014 Keys Race Photo's and Stories


Team FD music video from 2014 KEYS100.


View the excellent official 2014 KEYS100 video here. It is the short version--13 minutes in length. (The full length version may be found below.) Thanks to photographer Jay Staton of Naples, FL for his fine work: http://youtu.be/einciyU4Ric


Miami Herald

Posted on Mon, May. 19, 2014

100-mile relay race in the Keys is a tough test for weekend road warriors
By Cammy Clark

"Running Times" writes a portrait of 100 mile champ, Alyson Venti, confirming that she ran the 2nd fastest 100 mile time on pavement ever by an American woman. 

"Poway Chieftain " (California) story about 100 mile finisher Tony Blain.  Tony's sons, Nathan and Gavin, were also in the Keys and volunteered for many hours during the race.

Photo albums taken by race photographer, Bob Schnell. Links to follow that will allow you to download free high resolution versions, courtesy KEYS100.

set 1:
set 2:
set 3:
set 4:
set 5:
set 6:
set 7:

Jim Schroeder's race report

Women's Masters Winner Gigi Tsang

"Race Marshal Issie Sosa offers his perspective"

"Zsofia Inhausen 50 mile race report"

Bryce Carlson, 2nd place male, 100 miles, race report

Grant Maughan, 1st place male, 100 miles, race report

Race Director Bob Becker's Race Report
Traci Falbo, 2nd Place Women's 100 Mile Winner, Race Report
Kimberly Gates Race Report
2010 KEYS100 overall 100 Mile Winner, Jonathan Savage, returns in 2014. Jonathan's Report
Amie Connolly, Team Captain, Team BadAss B's:
I'm writing to thank you for putting on an incredible event at the Keys 100 this past weekend. We are all so happy, we can't stop talking about it and we are already making plans for next year! This was our first crack at this event, and though we didn't do as well as we had hoped, we now have a time to beat moving forward. You and your staff were off the charts fantastic! Friendly, encouraging, and organized. From a logistics standpoint, our day went off without a hitch and that is entirely due to you and your team. The course was well marked, and thoughtfully planned; I (and my team) commend you for your efforts and execution. This was an amazing experience through and through. I'll be working my way up to that 100 mile individual race, until then, my team and I will see you next year!"
Many photos have been added to the KEYS100 Facebook page. View them here
Dave Yancey's first "100" race report
Joseph Caravello first "100" race report, including crew report and more

View the full-length (42-minute) 2014 KEYS100 race video here. Special thanks to photographer Jay Staton:



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